Cultures of Exclusion Conference

Here’s another thought prompted by work being conducted by Charmian Mansell.  It returns me to thinking about Social Network Analysis.  One precept which is being neglected now is Time, which used to be taken into account in the earlier literature (esp. in Social Forces).  Time is important for establishing social networks, esp. as support networks.  One might then a priori expect a difference in the capability of domestic servants and servants in husbandry to establish support networks in their place of occupation.  Domestic servants have the Time, but servants in husbandry do not (one-year contracts).  This thought is also apposite for some work which I am undertaking on bankrupts who migrated (London Gazette notices), for their failures disallowed them from making strong support networks and compelled them to move on or, quite often, circular migration back to their place of origin where they had kinship support networks.  What to do about Mark Granovetter’s ‘weak links’ is a constant challenge.