Matrimonial cause in Lichfield Consistory court 1472/73.

I have not yet checked to see if this cause is cited or edited by Helmholz but I’ll place it here now and correct later. There are almost no late-medieval cause papers for the (Coventry and) Lichfield Consistory court (which was convened always in the secular chapter at Lichfield, never, of course, the regular at Coventry). The registers, however, occasionally and erratically include memoranda about causes.

Staffordshire Record Office Lichfield Diocesan Records B/C/1/2, fo. 95v

Memorandum quod Johannes Raue comparuit coram Magistro Thoma Raynald officio Consistorii Episcopalis lich’ in Ecclesia Cathedrali lich’ in loco Consistorii eiusdem xix die Mensis Januarii Anno domini Millesimo CCCClxxijo et ibidem Confessus est quod ipse pro matrimonio contraxit cum felicia grene pro ut mulier Dixit *pro vij annis elapsis* et <postea dix> de eadem sussitauit Duos proles et postea Dixit quod precontraxit cum Margeria Worthynton’ et ad hoc probandum produxit duos testes videlicet^ Willelmum Hyll et Henricum Browne quos iudex admisit et iureri fecit de dicendo omnem veritatem in Dicta causa

* sic

^ superscript with caret

<> cancelled